Word Games were played during the Question Round on Supermarket Sweep. Each game involved the name of a product sold in the supermarket. There were several different word games, but they all used the same board setup.


10 seconds of sweep time


David will show the contestants a word whose letters are blanked out. As he provides three clues that correspond to the product in a relevant, synonymous, or antonymous way, letters are progressively added to the word. The contestants must then guess the answer before the word is filled in. The player to get each correct answer receives 10 seconds to add to their sweep time.


  • As clues were given, letters are progressively added randomly to the word.
  • As clues were given, letters were added to the word in reverse order, starting with the last letter.
  • Only the first and last letters will be given.
  • Random letters are revealed, creating a partially-filled in name.

List of ItemsEdit


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