Video Slot Machine-001
Supermarket Sweep: The Video Slot Machine is a five-reel Video Slot Machine based on the Lifetime/PAX version of Supermarket Sweep.


The Supermarket Sweep slot machine was released by WMS Gaming in 2004. There are two displays. The top display keeps track of the player's overall process while the bottom displays contains the game itself.


In the game, the prize check symbol shows up during the shopping spree "Free Spin" bonus round. All line wins will get prize checked up to 8X! In the Supermarket Sweep bonus, the show starts as players pick grocery items for awards. Finding hidden prizes advances the player to the next aisle for bigger awards and eventually to the last aisle where the hidden grand prize is waiting to award the big money.




Supermarket Sweep Slot bonus,

Supermarket Sweep Slot bonus, .05 denom,

Supermarket Sweep

Supermarket Sweep .05 denom Big Sweep Bonus

Bonus round supermarket sweep williams

Bonus round supermarket sweep williams