This is the video gallery of the game show that allows you to do what a regular supermarket would never let you do. And that is to run around grabbing everything you want and more. All for the right to win $5,000. It's Supermarket Sweep!

ABC (1965-67)Edit

SEE: Video Gallery/ABC

Lifetime (1990-95)Edit

SEE: Video Gallery/Lifetime

PAX (2000-03)Edit

SEE: Video Gallery/PAX

The Transition (1989)Edit

SEE: Video Gallery/Transition

International VersionsEdit

Argentina (1987-88/1996)Edit

SEE: Video Gallery/Argentina

Australia (1992-94)Edit

SEE: Video Gallery/Australia

Brazil (1990-93/2000s)Edit

SEE: Video Gallery/Brazil

Canada (English, 1992-95)Edit

SEE: Video Gallery/Canada (English)

Canada (French, 1994-95)Edit

SEE: Video Gallery/Canada (French)

Chile (1995-96)Edit

SEE: Video Gallery/Chile

Greece (1993-94)Edit

SEE: Video Gallery/Greece

Turkey (1993-94/2009)Edit

SEE: Video Gallery/Turkey

United Kingdom (1993-2001/2007)Edit

SEE: Video Gallery/United Kingdom

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