Turkey (1993-94/2009)Edit

Kanal 6: 1993 - 1994
Kanal D: 2009
Süpermarket, hosted by Erdinç Doğan for the original run and Yiğit Alici for the revival. For at least part of the first series, the teams started with 1:30 and the set was reversed (host on the left, teams on the right).

Kanal 6

  • 199? (Clip of a standard "Here's six choices, pick the one that answers my question." game)
  • 199? (Filiz & Hallik?/Gulay & Osman/Hatice & Nazan; odd audio issues {sounds like the mics were bad and/or the audio feed from this upload's source was bad}, buzzing noise for first few seconds, ends during credits)

Kanal D

  • 2009 (Promo; interestingly, the shopping cart graphic near the end appears to be the American version's emblem minus one wheel)

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