The Transition (1989)Edit

Supermarket Sweep-logo-1989

Taped December 18, 1989; hosted by David Ruprecht
The pilot for the eventual revival had the clear signs of a franchise wanting to go in new directions but not wanting to accidentally leave itself behind.

The pilot, also taped at an actual supermarket, uses a format that is pretty much a hybrid of the 1960s and 1990s styles – the teams, now not always married couples, were picked from the audience through a "Who's got the [product]?" method of David hitting a buzzer at his podium to stop a flashing light on a small board of eight products; added to the standard "price this" element were other games based around identifying products, with a 10-second penalty for a wrong answer; and there was now just one game per show, with the Big Sweep winners playing a Bonus Sweep for an extra $5,000.

Johnny Gilbert is the new announcer, and will stay with the series until shortly into Season 7.

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