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PAX, Daily: April 3, 2000 - May 23, 2003 [March 26, 2004]
Pretty much identical to the last Lifetime season, although like that run each season was different.

Season 7 (April 3-November 24, 2000)

The Shootout time limit was dropped back to 30 seconds, and now required the giver to use pre-selected clues. New bonuses added this season included the Sweep Swipe (teams could swipe two $100 gift boxes off a display to their own table) and the Giant Laundry Box of Detergent (Cheer/Gain) with four money envelopes containing $25, $50, $75, or $100. Randy West replaces Johnny Gilbert on June 19.

Notably, the opening sequence for this season uses the Seasons 1-4 theme and logo, suggesting that it was intended for Season 5.

  • May 26, 2000 (#40: Mike & Tony/JoAnne & Keri/Dan & Becky, with a Video Rental Game question answered Jeopardy!-style and very likely the most Big Money Makers ever in one Big Sweep {alternate copy... thing, by the original uploader})
    • [A promo graphic is for the U.S. Olympic Trials on June 3. Show number and airdate per a YouTube comment.]

Randy West becomes announcer (began 6/19/00)

Season 8 (August 6, 2001-February 22, 2002; approx. 130 episodes)
The show moved taping to NBC Studios in Burbank, changed the intro to a graphic of the "cart" emblem with several clips playing at once, and stopped calling the contestants from the audience (not like anybody else in the audience was going to be a contestant, but still...).

New bonuses added this season included the Alphabet Game (played like the Shopping List); the Red Tag Special (played like the Manager's Special); The $300 Movie (involves the Mystery Monitors, which were reduced to two for all Mystery Monitor-related bonuses); Jolly Time is Money! (played like the Cracker Jackpot, awarding $100); and the Bonus Envelope (David's overhead announcement gave a clue to find the envelope; a variation was also used for the video display).


  • September 13, 2001 (Carolyn & Cathy/Shannon & Bob/Jacque & Stephanie, with a "slip of the tongue" moment in the 30-Second Shootout and a Bonus Sweep where confusion of the rules sets in {alternate copy})
  • October 4, 2001 (Barbara & Phil/? & ?/? & ?; ends shortly after first Mini-Sweep)
  • October 25, 2001 (Rashel & Stacy/Tolga & Donovan/Mike & Amanda {taped 3/01}; has commercials, "iSkysoft" logo in top-left corner throughout {alternate copy, same source})


Season 9 (September 23, 2002-May 23, 2003)
The intro was now a variant of the later Season 6 one, with a clip of the Twin Car Giveaway opening and a spinning logo, and a reminder that the show's given away over $2,000,000 and is ready to go for $3,000,000 (not sure whether they got there before being canned, though); Randy began giving each player's name as they came out, and the zoom to the nearby Mystery Monitor "chroma transitioned" to the next shot (it was a fade in Season 8).

Gameplay-wise, the only real big change was that the candy and coffee bonuses were increased from $100 to $200 (although they tended to alternate) and two other bonuses were upped (The Alphabet Game now awarded $300, while Stack Job and Jolly Time is Money! offered $150).

The final season also added several new bonuses: The Fruit Fantasy, offering $250 for collecting certain quantities of oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and apples (similar to the International Bread Center); Splitting the Name, played like the Mystery Product; and Market Madness, which offered up to $250.



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