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  • Adamantoise

    Happy New Years, everyone! Welcome to my second blog post. For a good explanation on why I created this wiki, and just in case you didn't see it before, check out my first blog post, Welcome to the all new Supermarket Sweep Wikia!.

    As you know by now, I want this wiki to be the best. First off, what is a Wiki, what is a Wikia? Certainly everybody knows what a Wiki is... it's like an interactive encyclopedia where everybody can share their knowledge and help make it the best. Wikia is a company who provides some of the greatest and simplest wiki creating tools around. You can have wikis on Wikia, or you can call your wiki a wikia. I'm choosing the latter. Last year there was a big discussion about this as Wikia was wanting everybody t…

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  • Adamantoise

    ...and Happy Late Merry Christmas.

    This wiki (wikia) is my Christmas gift to the world. I grew up watching Supermarket Sweep, having seen my first episode when it was first released in 1990. I was hooked instantly and knew that the game show was going to something spectacular. Something that would transcend its ephemeral roots and emerge into a genuine cult following, even if its only a small one.

    I added the Supermarket Sweep logo transformation image to the Wikipedia article on SS back in 2009. It didn't wind up as I wanted because I accidentally saved it as JPG before PNG and it made the images somewhat grainy. I meant to redo it – I just haven't had the chance. Or maybe I chose not to. I don't know. The Wikipedia is phenomenal but …

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