"We've taken some brand names from our market and put a funny twist on each of them. All you have to do is tell me the actual brand name we're talking about, and you'll get/earn/receive (an additional) 10 seconds. For example, 'You wouldn't find a filter named Mrs. Tea, but you would find a filter named Mr. Coffee.'"
―David Ruprecht

Twisted is a game played during the Question Round of Supermarket Sweep. A player must guess a product's name from synonyms and/or antonyms that replace each word.


10 seconds of sweep time


Contestants are given synonyms and/or antonyms that replace each word in a product name and a player must guess the name of the product. For example, "Cow's Ear" is a clue for BullsEye Barbecue Sauce.


  • A synonymous on antonymous phrase is given and players must guess the product name.
  • A player is told that "You won't find a product in the market named ____, but you will find a product in the market named ____." where the first blank is a synonymous or antonymous phrase and the second blank is the question answer.

List of ItemsEdit

  • Cow's Ear = Bull's Eye (Barbecue Sauce)


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