"I have a series of questions that can be answered by one of two choices. Jump in when you think you know which one is correct. If you're right, you'll get/receive/earn (an additional) 10 seconds. But, you'll have to play this game carefully, because if you're wrong, I/we have to give 10 seconds to each of your opponents."
―David Ruprecht

This or That is a game played during the Question Round on Supermarket Sweep. Players are given two choices and a question and the answer is one of the choices given.


10 seconds of sweep time


In this game contestants are shown two products and then given some facts to describe one of those products. They must then decide which of the two products the facts are referring to. Whoever buzzes in with the correct answer receives 10 seconds. Because there were only two choices, only one of the contestants were allowed to buzz in. This was in the case of a player buzzing in with a wrong answer, the correct answer was left by default so the wrong answer gives the opponents 10 seconds each.


  • Fact or Not a Fact - Contestants must decide whether or not a fact given to describe a product sold in the supermarket was true or not by guessing whether what was presented is a Fact, or Not a Fact.

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