Splitting the Name was a game played using two of the television monitors scattered throughout the market. Found in the "Big Sweep", the name of a product with two words in its name had its name split where each word appeared on a different monitor.




The Splitting the Name, the Alphabet Game, the Breakfast Break, The $300 Movie, the Jolly Time Is Money! and the Red Tag Special bonuses all made their debut in 2001.


There were two television monitors located in the market, each possessing a clue leading to a hidden mystery product. The locations always stayed constant, and contestants could receive their clues by pushing the monitors' buttons, which also activate red lights surrounding the buttons, signifying the monitors were properly working. Throughout the sweep, David would say "Activate the TV monitors" over the loudspeaker, which informed the contestants that the game was ready to play.


  • The $300 Movie - two clues were provided leading to a movie hidden in the store's video section.

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