Special Games existed in Supermarket Sweep which allowed the player to play games other than the normal Pricing Games that were tantamount to gaining time for the "Big Sweep".

  • 30-Second Shootout - At the beginning of the second segment of the question round, both contestants on a team played an individual game of 30-Second Shootout, which banked the team 30 seconds of sweep time. Each team took turns by playing the game individually. The format usually consisted of a contestant guessing a series of words using the clues given by his or her partner. The first letter of each correct answer was a letter in the name of a brand name or item from the market. Regardless if the word was fully spelled out by the time the buzzer sounded, the team would still earn 30 seconds if they could correctly identify the product. Each of the teams had 30 seconds to achieve this (40 in 1994), and if a word was accidentally blurted out by the clue-giver, the team was automatically disqualified.
  • Snack Attack Movie Game - Three 10-second questions about movies were asked. The player who answered the last of the three questions correctly earned the right to take a taste test of a food item in the market; correctly identifying the item earned that team $50 for the Big Sweep. If the contestant guessed right on a second chance (multiple choice, and consisting of a maximum three choices), that team earned $25. In some cases, only one chance was used and the question consisted of only two choices.