Snack Attack Movie Game is a special game played during the Question Round of Supermarket Sweep. In this game players would answer questions about movies and potentially go on to perform a taste test involving a product from the market.


10 seconds per answer and (up to) $50


Three 10-second questions about movies were asked. The player who answered the last of the three questions correctly earned the right to take a taste test of a food item in the market; correctly identifying the item earned that team $50 for the Big Sweep. Taste Test will return on May 8th through November 6th 2000.


  • If the contestant guessed right on a second chance (multiple choice, and consisting of a maximum of three choices), that team earned $25. In some cases, only one chance was used and the question consisted of only two choices.
  • The 2000 season includes 100 Grand in May 8th, Ding Dongs in May 22nd, Little Debbie in May 31st, Milky Way in July 25th, Campfire Marshmallows in August 21st, Ruffles in August 24th, Mrs. Grass in September 5th and Haagen Dazs in November 6th.

List of ItemsEdit