Round Robin is the name of the final segment of the Question Round on Supermarket Sweep. Teammates would alternate between each question, for a total of 6 questions.


10 seconds of sweep time for each correct answer. Up to 60 seconds up for grabs.


The contestants were shown the scrambled letters of a brand name, food, or other item found in the market, and three clues were given that relate to the product. The players had to guess the item by unscrambling the letters shown. If no one buzzes in and gives a correct answer after the last clue is given, all three clues are repeated quickly. Players then switch places with their teammates to their teammates could try to answer the next question. They will continue to switch places until the final question is asked.


  • The Round Robin originally consisted of four questions. It was lengthened to six questions in the Fall of 1990 in order to give all three teams a chance to earn up to 60 seconds (one minute).
  • Occasionally, five clues were given and no scrambled name was used.

List of ItemsEdit


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