Multiple Choice, is a game played during the Question Round on Supermarket Sweep. The player is given 4 - 6 answers and the player must select correct answers from that list.


10 seconds of sweep time


David will show the contestants a list of four, five or six possible choices. He will then give a famous saying, phrase, or a list of words that correspond to the product in a relevant, synonymous, or antonymous way. The contestants must then choose the answer to each question, out of this bank of possible choices. There were usually always 3 answers, so that each team had a chance to win at least once, and the player to get each correct answer receives 10 seconds to add to their sweep time.


  • Three Right - where there are always six choices and three right answers.
  • Gourmet Game - a question is asked about a gourmet food and the player must choose which product, out of a list of three choices, the question is referring to.

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