"We're gonna start things off with a free one minute and thirty seconds (1:30) to use on the Big Sweep. There you go/There it is. And now it's time for our Mini-Sweep, where somebody can pick up another 10 seconds and a cash bonus. So, whoever is playing first, step on forward, get your hands on your buzzers. Buzz-in when you think you know the product I'm talking about."
―David Ruprecht.
"Alright, (insert second player), (insert player who buzzes in correct) gets the 10 seconds. Let's see if you pick up the fast $50 by finding the specially marked (Insert item with the correct answer) that has our logo/Supermarket Sweep tag/label by bringing it back to me in 30 seconds. If you bring it back to me in 20 seconds or less, I'll double the money and give you $100. The faster you shop, the more money you'll make. Are you ready? GO!"
―David Ruprecht
"Stick around/Stay with us, we're coming right back with another Mini-Sweep."
―David Ruprecht

Mini-Sweep is the name given to the first game on Supermarket Sweep. A question is asked and the teammate of whoever answered the question correctly is given not only 10 seconds of sweep time, but also 30 seconds to run into the marketplace, find the product and return it to David, earning their team a cash bonus in the process.


$50 if item is retrieved in under 30 seconds, $100 if item is retrieved in under 20 seconds.


Beginning in April 29, 1991, a Mini-Sweep was played at the beginning of the first round.

A toss-up question (usually a rhyming couplet) was asked with a particular product as the answer. The team that correctly answered the question earned 10 seconds, as well as a chance for one team member to run into the market to retrieve the product, which was marked with the show's logo. If the product was returned within 30 seconds, the team won $50 towards their Sweep total. Starting later in 1991, the item in question would be specially-marked. If the team member returned with the correct product, but was not marked with the Supermarket Sweep logo (changed to the show's "cart" emblem in 1993) on it, no bonus was awarded. However, if the contestant found the marked item but the marker fell off the product, the cash bonus still counted.

In 1992, the bonus was doubled to $100 if the product was brought back within 20 seconds, and the clock was changed to count up in green, changing to red at 21 seconds.

In 1993, a second Mini-Sweep was added at the beginning of the second round and was later used only during special weeks on the PAX version.

Prior to Season 5, if the contestant won either cash bonus, an oval-shaped tag stand displaying the amount was placed in front of the cart in the show's final segment when the moment of truth took effect.