Jolly Time Is Money! is a game found in the "Big Sweep" on Supermarket Sweep. In this game players must open boxes of "Jolly Time" popcorn in search of a specially marked token residing inside one of the boxes.


$100, later $150


The Jolly Time Is Money!, the Alphabet Game, the Breakfast Break, The $300 Movie, the Red Tag Special and the Splitting the Name bonuses all made their debut in 2001.


In a giant bin resided several sealed boxes of Jolly Time popcorn. Players were required to rip open the boxes of Jolly Time until they found the one possessing a special store branded token. Finding the token before the bell rang awarded the team with an additional $100! In the final season, the bonus was increased to $150.


List of ItemsEdit

  • Jolly Time popcorn


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