Jolly Time Is Money! is a game found in the "Big Sweep" on Supermarket Sweep. In this game players must open boxes of "Jolly Time" popcorn in search of a specially marked token residing inside one of the boxes.


$100, later $150


The Jolly Time Is Money!, the Alphabet Game, the Breakfast Break, The $300 Movie, the Red Tag Special and the Splitting the Name bonuses all made their debut in 2001.


In a giant bin resided several sealed boxes of Jolly Time popcorn. Players were required to rip open the boxes of Jolly Time until they found the one possessing a special store branded token. To save time, players could hand off tokens to their partners to return to their shopping. Finding the token before the bell rang awarded the team with an additional $100! In the final season, the bonus was increased to $150.


List of ItemsEdit

  • Jolly Time popcorn