The Jelly Belly Display is the store's self-serve Jelly Belly jelly bean section in Supermarket Sweep. Found in the "Big Sweep", and featuring 9 different types of Jelly Belly jelly beans, there are several types to choose from. The player must pick up the exact three types that David requests.




The Jelly Belly Display, the Honey Hill Farms Frozen Yogurt Machine and the CrackerJackpot! bonuses all made their debut in 1994.


On occasion, David will ask for three types of Jelly Belly jelly beans, found in the store's Jelly Belly jelly bean display. A player must remember which 3 jelly bean flavors were asked for, get a scoop of each of those jelly beans, bag them in a bag found adjacent to the display, and then tie it off with a twisty-tie found next to the bags. Players who get each item on David's list will earn an additional $100 to add on to their sweep total.


Jelly Belly display-001

Look at all those delicious Jelly Belly jelly beans!


Beginning with the introduction of the candy, both it and the coffee bonus were available to shoppers on each episode. This changed in 2003 as the show now uses only one or the other for any particular Big Sweep. The item for that episode was announced at the start of the Big Sweep, and the bonus doubled to $200. Earlier, the candy was omitted from episodes that had the Jelly Belly money maker, as Jelly Belly is a candy.

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