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This article is not part of the American Supermarket Sweep Television Series.
This article covers a subject or facts that are not part of the American version of Supermarket Sweep, but instead are a part of versions of the show released internationally.

Here is a list of countries that created their own version of Supermarket Sweep. Click on a title to learn more about that particular release.

Country Local name Host Network Years aired
Argentina Sume y Lleve Doris del Valle and Emilio Disi
Ana María Campoy and Daniel Castex
Canal 9 1987–1988
Clink Caja Beruga Carámbula 1996
Australia Supermarket Sweep (Australia) Ian Turpie Nine Network 1992–1994
Belgium - Dutch Iedereen Beroemd (De winkelkarquiz} Frederic van Landeghem (Votum) Één 2012
Brazil SuperMarket (Brazil) Ricardo Corte Real Rede Bandeirantes 1990–1993
Canada - French L'épicerie en folie Christian Tétreault TQS 1994-1995
Canada - English Supermarket Sweep (Canada) Tino Monte Broadcast syndication
Global Television Network
Chile SuperMarket (Chile) Pablo Krögh
Juan La Rivera
Canal 13 1995–1996
Greece Σούπερ Μάρκετ Pounentis Matt
Michael Tsaousopoulos
ANT1 1993–1994
Japan 一攫千金!!スーパーマーケット (Ikkaku senkin!) Kazuki Kosakai Nippon TV 1991
Mexico Arrasa con Todo con Kmart Carlos Calderon and Carolina Delgado Univision February 7–August 13, 2011
Spain Supermarket (Spain) Enrique Simon Antena 3 1992
Thailand Shop Champ
Turkey Süpermarket Erdinç Doğan
Yiğit Alici
Kanal 6
Kanal D
Ukraine Шоy Шapa (Shou Shara) Gennady Popenko
Yulia Kovaleva
ICTV 2013–present
United Kingdom Supermarket Sweep
Dale's Supermarket Sweep
Dale Winton ITV Network 1993–2000
Vietnam Siêu thị may mắn Thanh Bạch
Minh Quân
HTV7 June 5, 2005 – February 2012