Instant Coupon Machines are used throughout occasional episodes of Supermarket Sweep. Found during the "Big Sweep", a player must locate the three instant coupon machines placed throughout the market, grab the coupon, and then find the corresponding item that the coupon represents.




The Instant Coupon Machines, TV Mystery Product, the Brach's Candy Corner, the International Bread Center, the Magazine Display, the Recycle Machine, and the Cake Decorating bonuses all made their debut in 1993.


Three instant coupon machines were located throughout the market. The contestant would grab a coupon and then locate the product that the coupon was for, which usually resided somewhere near where the coupon was found. Finding all three coupons and their corresponding items before the bell rang awarded the team with $250.



Supermarket Sweep always stayed current in terms of grocery relating dealings, so when Instant Coupon Machines were invented, the show knew it had to have some in their market. They were a relatively new invention when they debuted on Supermarket Sweep, but they were an instant success.

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