""I'm gonna give you some juicy little tidbits about some famous person or event that you might have read about it in the tabloids"
―David Ruprecht
"I know that you are all familiar with the tabloids at the checkout stands. So, I'm gonna give you some headlines about some famous person or event. When you know who or what it is, buzz-in."
―David Ruprecht

Checkstand Headlines is a game played during the Question Round of Supermarket Sweep. The game tests the player's knowledge of celebrities, noteworthy news and current events, based on what was recently trending in tabloids found by supermarket registers.


10 seconds of sweep time


Supermarket tabloids are an important feature in the grocery store. When you're waiting at the checkout there's nothing better than catching up on the latest gossip surrounding stars today. This game tests the players knowledge of current events but asking trivia questions relevant to information which recently appeared in the tabloids.


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