Candy is a game played which involves measuring candy in Supermarket Sweep. Players may bag at least $1.00 worth of candy, being only 2¢ off either way, for an extra $100 in the "Big Sweep".


$100, later $200


The Brach's Candy Corner, TV Mystery Product, the International Bread Center, the Magazine Display, the Recycle Machine, the Instant Coupon Machines and the Cake Decorating bonuses all made their debut in 1993.


Players must take a candy bag and fill it with $1.00 worth of Brach's candy. The scale will tell exactly how much candy is in their bag. In order to collect the $100 bonus, players needed to ensure that the weight of the candy is between .98 and 1.02. Upon weighing, players must fold up the bag and place it in their carts. Players who place the measured bag of candy in their carts before the bell rings will earn an additional $100 to add on to their sweep total.


  • Beginning with the introduction of the candy bonus, both it and the coffee bonus were available to shoppers on each episode. This changed in 2003 to have only one or the other available for any particular Big Sweep. The item for that episode was announced at the start of the Big Sweep, and the bonus doubled to $200. The candy is omitted from any episode that had the Jelly Belly money maker, as Jelly Belly is a candy.
  • In the Lifetime version, players used paper bags to fill it with candy. But in the PAX revival, players used plastic bags and they also had to seal the bag with a twist tie in order to get credit for the bonus.
  • When the Candy Corner bonus debuted, the paper bags originally had the Brach's Candy logo on them but in the later episodes the logo was changed to the Supermarket Sweep shopping cart emblem.

List of ItemsEdit

  • Brach's Candy


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