Breakfast Break was a game played during the "Big Sweep" on Supermarket Sweep. Revolving around foods typically associated with breakfast, David would ask the player for a combination of breakfast items.




The Breakfast Break, Alphabet Game, The $300 Movie, the Jolly Time Is Money!, the Red Tag Special and the Splitting the Name bonuses all made their debut in 2001.


In this game, David asked for breakfast related items found in the store. Generally asking for five items, a player had to remember which items were asked for, get each of those items, and place them in a mini-basket that was found at the front of the store. Players who got each item on David's list would earn an additional $250 to add on to their sweep total.


  • Eventually, David only announced two items over the loudspeaker during the sweep.
  • This game was soon dropped because of its confusing rules.

List of ItemsEdit

Used in the game were breakfast related items.