Supermarket Sweep: The Board Game was the official home companion to the original 1965-1967 ABC version of Supermarket Sweep. Originally a consolation prize, and in addition to players keeping all groceries acquired in the Big Sweep, the Board Game allowed players to play the game at home. It was later released in stores where consumers wishing to play the game could have the opportunity to do so.


Based on the original ABC version, and published by Milton Bradley in 1966, the game was played in two parts. Players guess the price of grocery items during the game's first part and sweep through the supermarket represented by the gameboard during the game's second part. The player who accumulates the most points in cards during the sweep wins.


While Supermarket Sweep is most recognized for its Lifetime (1990s) and PAX (2000s) revivals, only the original ABC series tried a home conversion. There was a board game based on that British version of the show, however, that can be found below.


The box contents include:

  • 1 Instruction manual
  • 1 Gameboard
  • 1 "Quick-tick" timer
  • 4 Wooden pegs
  • 4 Shopping cart tokens (red, green, yellow, blue)
  • 8 Round bonus pieces (2x blue, 2x green, 2x red, 2x orange)
  • 8 Aisle pieces (2x blue, 2x green, 2x red, 2x orange)
  • 8 Aisle signs (2x Dairy and Frozen Foods (blue), 2x Fruits and Vegetables (green), 2x Meat and Fish (red), 2x Groceries (orange))
  • 120 Food cards (40x blue, 40x green, 40x red, 40x orange)
  • 1 Price List

British RevivalEdit

The British version of the show, Dale's Supermarket Sweep, released its own version of a board game in 1997.


  • 93 Shopping item cards
  • 12 Manager's special cards
  • 12 Special offer cards
  • 10 Checkout cards
  • 12 Shopping list cards
  • Set of cards containing over 400 fun trivia questions
  • Regular dice
  • Special "stop to shop" dice
  • Question decider dice
  • 6 "Shopper" playing pieces
  • 6 "Trolley" items holder
  • Playing Board
  • Plastic tray
  • Instructions