Alphabet Game is a game used throughout occasional episodes of Supermarket Sweep. Found during the "Big Sweep", a player must locate the three items David asks them to find.


$250 (later $300)


The Alphabet Game, the Breakfast Break, The $300 Movie, the Jolly Time Is Money!, the Red Tag Special and the Splitting the Name bonuses all made their debut in 2001.


Before the Sweep, David gave a list of three products, each beginning with a consecutive letter of the alphabet, that is in the market. Players must pick up one of every item on David's shopping list. In order to receive the bonus, the products had to be placed into mini-baskets that were located in the front of the shopping carts in the front vestibule. Players could only grab one of each item and multiple mini-baskets could be used if needed. Finding all three products and placing them in the mini-basket before the bell rang awarded the team with $250. The bonus was increased to $300 in the final season.

List of ItemsEdit